DR01 Twelve First

Dominique Renaud DR01

Dominique Renaud, co-founder of the famous movements manufacture of high complications " Renaud & Papi ", turns back after years with a revolutionary watch, which breaks all the watchmaking codes known to date. A watch called DR01 Twelve First and designed by only four people in just 4 years, in its Swiss based (Renens) laboratory, DOMINIQUE RENAUD SA.

"The DR01 project will be declined in only 12 prototypes, the TWELVE FIRST, the vision of Dominique Renaud being to embark watch enthusiasts in a pioneering process that will allow them to live exciting experiences directly alongside the watchmaker-artist-inventor and actively participate in the writing of a new chapter in the history of watchmaking. 12 unique and revolutionary watches, each finalized in the name of the collector if he so wishes, which will be as many works of art and innovation for a mechanical watch with extraordinary performance. The pioneering hobbyist will own a prototype that will not look like anything existing, a striking and historic collector's item that will be kept in perfect working order throughout the project development process and which will receive unlimited updates. in time."

(Extract from Stéphane Gachet's article that you can read here )

Art direction - Dominique Renaud & Andrea Furlan Le Studio

Design - Dominique Renaud & Andrea Furlan Le Studio

More - 12 unique pieces, more than 15 patents,

Priced at 1 million swiss francs (CHF)

Dominique Renaud, The New Blades of Time